Fireburn The Screenplay

Angela Golden Bryan wrote Fireburn The Screenplay: A story of passion ignited, based on the history of St. Croix, with the intention of creating greater awareness of the US Virgin Island’s bloody Labor Revolt of 1878. This pivotal event is known as the Fireburn and it drastically affected the people and economy of the islands. Due to the unique nature of the US Virgin Islands, this story is Caribbean history, Danish history, African diaspora history and World history, yet it is little known outside the islands.

Bryan’s historical fiction is a tribute to the four “Queens” who rose to leadership by taking a fiery stance against the unfair labor conditions that existed for the emancipated Laborers. Her book weaves a tale of passion, purpose, and revenge and delivers an electrifying and visceral experience to the reader. The vivid descriptions, historical references, and turbulent relationships create a myriad of emotions.

Amazon #1 Bestseller July 2019

Interesting trivia about Fireburn the Screenplay’s success

  • Fireburn The Screenplay made it to the #1 spot on in Screenplays, beating “Save the Cat” by Blake Snyder and “The Quite Nice and Fairly Accurate Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman
  • Fireburn The Screenplay made it to the #22nd spot in Performing Arts, beating old-time classics such as “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller and the infamous “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare Fireburn The Screenplay reached spot #1,862 for all books sold on Amazon. Top 2000 amongst millions and millions of books available.
James and the Fireburn

James and the Fireburn

James and the Fireburn is a story within a story, beautifully woven by best-selling author, Angela Golden Bryan. It is important for children to learn right from wrong and to avoid destructive bullying behavior. James and the Fireburn not only provides lessons in making wise choices for children, it also teaches them a bit of US Caribbean history in the process. This book takes challenging subjects and presents them in a fun rhyme, making both the story and lesson easier to learn and remember. In an age-appropriate manner, James and the Fireburn explores what happens when silence prevails and also encourages children to stand up for what is right.

The Authorities

The Authorities is an anthology of stories and ideas from individuals who have distinguished themselves in life and in business. They are people who leave big footprints on the world, and as leaders in their particular fields they also understand the importance and obligation of giving something back. Authorities are not just experts. They are also known to be outstanding in their fields and in their communities. Because of this important difference, authorities are able to contribute more to humanity through both their chosen work and by giving back.

You will definitely know some of The Authorities in this book, especially since there are some world-famous ones. Others are just as exceptional, but you may not yet know about them. Our featured author, for example, is Angela Golden Bryan.

Angela is an actor, writer, professional speaker and producer. For over 20 years Angela has performed on stage, as well as on television and film. She grew up on the beautiful island of St. Croix, which is part of the US Virgin Islands. Her passion for storytelling and human rights merged in her groundbreaking project sharing and recounting the Fireburn labor revolt of 1878. The Fireburn is an important, yet not widely known, part of African Diaspora, Danish, Caribbean, and US history. Part of Angela’s mission is to change that. Angela is passionate about people being treated with respect and dignity, and believes that each of us has a great opportunity to change the world by sharing love not only with our friends and family, but with the world as a whole. This passion has led her to sharing steps you can take to live a more love centered life. She came to realize that love is indeed the answer and can be the jumping off point to solving many problems. If you want to live a life grounded in passionate love for not only others but yourself, Angela has some wonderful advice for you and your loved ones. She strives to work on her “love walk” every day and hopes you will be inspired to do the same.

authorities front
authorities back

Renew Your Mind Card Deck

This beautiful and inspirational card deck was created with lots of love. Thoughts are powerful “things” that can shape your life so you must be intentional about the thoughts you think. This card deck will help you focus on the truth so that you can get the results you desire.

Inspired by Angela’s love for the Caribbean, the cards have tropical scenes on one side, along with powerful affirmations, while the other is a “madras” pattern and includes powerful Scripture. Angela loves madras and identifies with it strongly as a part of her culture. Many islands throughout the Caribbean have chosen to use madras, which is a calico-like print, as the material of choice for cultural costumes, clothing and decoration. Madras originates from the peasant class in India and is named after a small village, Madraspatnam. Madras made its way to the Caribbean in the 1600s when Dutch and British settlers used it in trade.

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